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Whitworth celebrates the centenary of the RAF

Whitworth celebrates the centenary of the RAF

On, Sunday 1 April 2018, the Royal Air Force celebrated 100 years since it’s formation. 

The Royal Air Force was formed during the World War 1 when it was decided to amalgamate the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service to form the world’s first independent air arm.

The Royal Air Force is proud of its rich history and achievements.  From battle-winning performances high above the skies of Britain in the nation’s hour of need to more recent activities that include:

  • tackling terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • securing and protecting the skies above the UK;
  • disaster relief around the World;
  • supporting the Civil Authorities in times of national emergency.

Whitworth Horticultural Society have been instrumental in the arrangements for the centenary celebration by planting a floral display in the RAF colours and also arranging for the RAF flag to be flown outside the Riverside (Whitworth Civic Hall).

The Mayor of Whitworth, Councillor Alan Neal said “It was wonderful to see so many residents in attendance at such a momentous occasion.”

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