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Mad Pride North 29/30th September 2017

Mad Pride North 29/30th September 2017

Stubbylee Community Greenhouses and East Lancashire Recovery College are Proud to be hosting Mad Pride North 2017.

Mad Pride is a festival of Mad Art, Mad Theatre, Mad Culture, Mad Music and mad Film on 29th & 30th September.  The event seeks to demonstrate that illness does not take away our creativity or intellect.

29th September:

10:00am – Exhibition opening featuring work from a wide range of artists all of whom own their journey. Some spectacular work drawing inspiration from many fields in a variety of media. Music throughout the day from artists who own their diagnosis or by musicians inspired by those who do.

7:00pm -The official opening of our cinema with an evening of Mad Film!

30th September:

10:00am – The exhibition continues as does the music! Opportunity to get hands on and creative within the exhibition space.

11:00am – Meet the artist. Our resident artist will deliver a short talk on the role art has played in his journey.

7:30pm – Mad Cabaret – a mixture of theatre, music and the spoken word – not to be missed. Tickets available from Stubbylee Community Greenhouses.

If you would like further information please email your request to

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