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Information on this page was last updated on 08/05/2018


The British Lung Foundation and Asthma UK are the 2 main respiratory charities in the UK . Both have useful websites packed with information, tips and guidance covering all aspects of living with a lung condition. They are a good place to start.

The are also able to provide you with some written information which is useful if that is what you prefer or you have limited internet access. Some of their written material is  free , and some is available at a low cost. Call their helpline numbers for more info.

Being diagnosed with a lung condition can be quite daunting at first, so it is useful to be able to use these sights for some advice about what to expect and what help is available.  Both Asthma Uk and British lung foundation have telephone helplines  – another useful place to go to for information if you cant find It on their website or aren’t able to use the internet easily.


Why this Resource is Recommended

“Both websites offer a wealth of information – but not everyone has heard of them – so they are worth flagging up .

Your time spent with  your Nurse or GP is probably focused on trying to get the “medical” side of your respiratory condition as good as it can get , yet living well with a medical condition is much more than just getting the diagnosis and treatment correct. Both Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation offer a depth of support and information that it would be difficult to get from most GPs or Practice Nurses  – there just isn’t enough time available .

Getting in touch with them can also help you to discover what patient groups or activities are taking place in your area.”


Recommended By

Dr Berry: GP at Reedyford Healthcare , Nelson, and Respiratory Lead ELCCG

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