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General Practice and the Power of Community

General Practice and the Power of Community

General Practice is at the heart of our communities. GPs, and their teams, together with communities and neighbourhoods are using innovative and practical solutions to meet the challenges they face.

Come and join us to find out how different localities are working with their communities and how new ways of working are being shaped in collaboration with patients and communities.

See examples of different neighbourhood-based models in action

  • Find out how new ways of working have been shaped in collaboration with patients Patient Participation Groups and communities
  • Learn about the diverse range of community support and social prescribing, that is available in your area and wider
  • Explore how digital technology and care navigation can support self-management and self-care
  • Discover how local GPs and general practice are leading the way to enable integrated care beyond individual roles and organisations.
  • Consider how Local Integrated Care Partnerships (LICP) can work to mobilise the resourcefulness of patients, service users and their communities.

Here in East Lancashire we are creating 21st Century healthcare that is built around the needs of local people and led by primary care. This is by empowering local people to feel more in control of their lives and be able to draw upon their own personal resources, and those of the community, not only when health and social care problems arise but to prevent these problems happening.

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