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NAS November 2017 Newsletter

NAS November 2017 Newsletter

Christmas is almost here – welcome to your monthly NAS  newsletter!

It’s getting colder and colder, and Halloween decorations have been put away in favour of mince pies, Santa hats and pine trees − Christmas is almost here!

Send Christmas cheer to your loved ones with NAS Christmas cards or find stocking stuffers in their shop. If Christmas has been really stressful for your family in the past, with the changes causing anxiety, think of donating to their Christmas Appeal so other families can get the help they need.

If Christmas is still difficult, read their top Christmas tips for reducing the anxiety. For example – Using a calendar to prepare for all your family’s Christmas events, such as Nana visiting or going to see Santa − an autism-friendly way to repurpose the traditional advent calendar.

For more news updates, follow this link to access this month’s newsletter:

NAS Newsletter November 2017

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