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Get your Charity Ready for Small Charity Week 2018

Get your Charity Ready for Small Charity Week 2018

There are a range of opportunities available on the Small Charity Week website for your small charity to take advantage of..

.. and  there are many more opportunities and activities to come.

The Foundation for Social Improvement have launched their ‘I Love Small Charities Day’ Competition and their Celebration Day toolkit to give small charities enough time to gear up and prepare your charity and your supporters in advance.

I Love Small Charities Day is on 18th June.  Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of the essential work of the UK’s small charity sector who make an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK and the rest of the world.

Small Charity Week is brought to you by the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), who with the support of partner organisations ensure the work of small charities is recognised and celebrated.

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